Ultra Lite Program – Day 7

by The Orange Chiropractor on January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010 – It’s the morning of day seven on the Ultra Lite program and I’m now down 8lbs – 166.5lbs. This is the fifth day of ketosis, and I lost another .1% of body fat, down to 13.6%. All of my excess water-weight is now off, so I will finally be losing real weight – that’s fat.

Monday morning I will do another set of photos and measurements. I am planning to see some change. Yes, it’s only been a week but eight pounds is pretty significant weight loss in that short period of time. I guess we will see soon enough.

Ziploc Containers

Ziploc Containers

The Ultra Lite program is extremely easy to follow, if you prepare for it. At home we cut-up all our vegetables, primarily: brown, red and green onions; cilantro; mushrooms; Serrano and jalapeno peppers; leeks; celery; carrots; cabbage; broccoli and cauliflower, and place them in separate Ziplock stackable containers. The only produce we leave whole is avocado, lettuce, spinach, tomato and garlic. By doing this, it not only saves time when weighing ingredients for a meal and it also makes it more likely that you will use multiple ingredients.

Here is a yummy salad I made: four ounces of various meats, spinach, arugula, Napa cabbage, mushroom, avocado, Serrano peppers, EVOO, apple cider vinegar, and a dash of sea salt and cracked pepper.

Ultra Lite Salad - Mixed Meats and Vegetables

Ultra Lite Salad - Mixed Meats and Vegetables

Salad Close-Pp

Salad Close-Up

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